NEW BOOKS: Conflicts of the Twentieth Century.

Trench Talk/ Trench Life; A Beginner’s Guide to World War One by Fredric Winkowski. Glitterati, 2017. Everyday life of WWI soldiers, what they wore, ate, and read.

Marked for Death; The First War in the Air by James Hamilton-Paterson. Pegasus, 2017 paper. Within a decade of the first flight, aerial combat had become a deadly part of warfare in the Great War; some 50,000 crewmen died.

A Deadly Legacy; German Jews and the Great War by Tim Grady. Yale University Press, 2017. The contribution of German Jews to Imperial Germany’s War both in terms of battlefield casualties and on the home front.

The Vanquished; Why the First World War Failed to End by Robert Genwarth. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2017. The Western Allies decided on a date for the end of World War I, 11 November 1918. But this was mostly the result of focusing on the British/French experience.

Russia’s Last Gasp; The Eastern Front 1916-1917 by Prit Buttar. Osprey, 2017 paper. The Brusilov Offensive was Russia’s best effort on the Eastern Front. The Russian Army claimed military success but at a terrible cost. The collapse of that offensive in 1917 was a factor in the Revolution that followed.

1917; Vladimir Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, and the Year That Created the Modern Age by Arthur Herman. Harper, 2017. Though from different backgrounds, Herman argues that Lenin and Wilson were in many respects alike. Both rose to supreme power during the War, one manipulating a capitalism democracy, the other a revolutionary regime which soon became a socialist democracy.

 1917; War, Peace, and Revolution by David Stevenson. Oxford University Press, 2017. How this one year of warfare transformed the nature of World War I; but rather than ending the war, it drove the conflict onwards.

 Splintered Empires; The Eastern Front 1917 to 1921 by Prit Buttar.  Osprey, 2017. The three empires fighting on the Eastern Front had reached their breaking point.

The Hindenburg Line 1918; Haig’s Forgotten Triumph by Alistair McCluskey. Osprey, 2017 paper. The breaching of the Hindenburg Line, one of the most significant Allied victories of the Great War.

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