NEW BOOKS: Florida.

Champions Way; Football, Florida, and the Lost Soul of College Sports by Mike McIntire. W.W. Norton, 2017. Multi-billion-dollar college sports empires are enriching athletic departments; but helping its host institutions?

Oh, Florida; How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country by Craig Pittman. Picador, 2017 paper. Florida, a paradise. Florida, ravished beauty.

Backcountry Trails of Florida; A Guide to Hiking Florida’s Water Management Districts by Terri Mashour. University Press of Florida, 2017 paper. Explores over 100 off-the-grid hikes in all corners of the state.

Historic Pensacola by John Clune & Margo Springfield. University Press of Florida, 2017 paper. Perhaps the most historic Florida town along the Gulf.

Silent Films in St. Augustine by Thomas Graham. University Press of Florida, 2017. More than 120 films were made in St. Augustine between 1906 and 1926.  Filmmakers came south to take advantage of our usable light conditions and facilities for film-making provided by Henry Flagler.

Constructing Floridians; Natives and Europeans in Colonial Florida, 1513 to 1783 by Daniel Murphree. University Press of Florida, 2017 paper. How differences amongst Native Americans, escaped slaves, Spaniards, and the English hardened over time.

The Biohistory of Florida by Francis Zettler. Pineapple Press, 2017 paper .From the Pleistocene to the present, from prairies where shovel-tusked elephants once roamed to orange groves interlaced with interstates.

An Honorable War; The Spanish-American War Begins by Robert Macomber. Pineapple Press, 2017. The USS Maine explodes on a quiet February evening in 1898 and Cuba is drawn into a deluge of events.

A New Guide to Old Florida Attractions by Doug Alderson. Pineapple Press, 2017 paper.  Many of Florida’s classic attractions still exist in the shadow of mega-theme parks and interstate highways. Discover how touring Florida used to be.

Florida’s Museums and Cultural Attractions, Third Edition by Murray D. Laurie & Doris Bardon. Pineapple Press, 2017 paper. A guide to over 350 museums, country stores, one-room schoolhouses, coquina forts, churches, art galleries, gardens, and more.

Florida’s Civil War; Terrible Sacrifices by Tracy Revels. Mercer University Press, 2017. Most Floridians fought on the side of the South; former slaves joined the Northern armies. Families were divided and communities were torn apart.

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