NEW BOOKS: Politics. Economics. continued.

The Unlikely Trust; Theodore Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, and the Improbable Partnership That Remade American Business by Gerard Helferich. Lyons Press, 2017. An odd association; one was a trust buster and the other a trust builder.

Energy Democracy; Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions by Denise Fairchild, et alii Island Press, 2017 paper. We have not begun to think clearly about the issue of distributive justice as we introduce and become more dependent upon alternative energy sources.

Ramp Hollow; The Ordeal of Appalachia by Steven Stoll. Hill & Wang 2017. Settled by hardy homesteaders, who got jobs in the coal mines, that depended upon an industrial economy elsewhere. Employed! But unfortunately there wasn’t much of a paycheck involved. Hence poverty.

Loaded; A Disarming History of the Second Amendment by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. City Lights, 2017 paper. A “people’s history” of the right to bear arms.

What Unites Us by Dan Rather. Algonquin, 2017. Rather seeks to inspire a badly-needed conversation around our common values.

Steam Titans; Cunard, Collins, and the Epic Battle for Commerce on the North Atlantic by William Fowler, Jr. Bloomsbury, 2017. The rivalry between British and US steamship companies in the emerging globalized economy in the early last century.

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