NEW BOOKS: Religion.

The Rebirth of Bodh Gaya; Buddhism and the Making of a World Heritage Site by David Geary. University of Washington Press, 2017. The place of Buddha’s enlightenment in the Indian state of Bihar and the politics that surrounded the transformation of the site into a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002.

The Making of Martin Luther by Richard Rex. Princeton University Press, 2017. The emergence of this sixteenth-century mind and the new importance of both printed pamphlets and the lecture/sermon.

Martin Luther; The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World by Eric Metaxas. Viking, 2017. Celebrated, mostly in these many new books that are commemorating the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation.

Martin Luther; Renegade and Prophet by Lynda Roper. Random House, 2017. One of many books on the founding father of the Protestant Reformation.

Protestants Abroad; How Missionaries Tried to Change the World but Changed America by David Hollinger. Princeton University Press, 2017. They returned with serious criticisms of American racism, imperialism, and our religious orthodoxy and pushed their sponsoring churches to examine their missionary activity.

The Witch; A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present by Ronald Hutton. Yale University Press, 2017. The witch came to prominence in early modern Europe, but her origins are more geographically diverse and historically ancient.

 Paul; the Pagans’ Apostle by Paula Fredricksen. Yale University Press, 2017. Two Pauls: an apocalyptic hopeful, expecting God, through his messiah, to fulfill an ancient promise to redeem Israel. The second Paul, teeming with visions of jealous demons and hostile cosmic gods.

 The Great Shift; Encountering God in Biblical Times by James Kugel. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017. The Bible depicts a world in which devotees listened to the divine – or a burning bush – and didn’t much care that there was no invited feedback.

 Hate Spin; The Manufacture of Religious Offense and Its Threat to Democracy by Cherian George. MIT Press, 2017 paper. Religious intolerance often involves a sophisticated campaign put together by political opportunists.

 Migrants and Citizens; Justice and Responsibility in the Ethics of Immigration by Tisha Rajendra. Eerdmans, 2017. What responsibilities do we as citizens have to migrants and potential migrants? How can we get beyond the present partisanship on the issue?

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