NEW BOOKS: Middle Eastern Conflict.

Ike’s Gamble; America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East by Michael Doran. Free, Press, 2017 paper. In 1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser moved to take possession of the Suez Canal; the British and the French intervened and joined Israel’s invasion of the Canal Zone.

Gaza; An Inquest into Its Martyrdom by Norman Finkelstein. University of California Press, 2017.Since the Israeli occupation of Gaza in 1967, it has been systematically “de-developed”.  And Israeli bombardment has reduced most of the built environment to rubble.

Destroying Yemen; What Chaos in Arabia Tells Us about the World by Lisa Blumi. University of California Press, 2017 paper. In the last several years the Arab world, supported by the US and Britain, has waged war on Yemen. Yemen seemed to be challenging the reign of global capitalism and hesitating to join our war on terrorists, “the losers” as terrorists are identified these days.

Yemen in Crisis; Autocracy, Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State by Helen Lackner. Saqi Books, 2018. Civil war rages with Huthi rebels and the Western and Arab supporters of the status quo, resulting in thousands killed and three million displaced.

A Social Revolution; Politics and the Welfare State in Iran by Kevan Harris. University of California Press, 2017 paper. Most pundits have noticed only the ideological rigidity of Iranian public discourse. Look again; Iran seems to be carrying for its citizens and tolerating a moderate amount of dissent.

Enclosure; Palestinian Landscapes in a Historical Mirror by Gary Fields. University of California Press, 2017 paper.  The dispossession of the Palestinians is compared to the process of land grabbing in early modern England and colonial North America.

City on a Hilltop; American Jews and the Israeli Settler Movement by Sara Hirschhorn. Harvard University Press, 2017. Fifty years since the 1967 war and the settler movement remains at the core of Israeli-Palestinian differences.

The Biggest Prison on Earth; A History of the Occupied Territories by Ian Pappe. One World Publications, 2017. A powerful account of Palestinian Occupied Territories by one of the most respected Israeli historians.

Balfour’s Shadow; A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel by David Cronin. Pluto Press. The infamous Balfour Declaration that favored the Zionist Jewish community has been around for one hundred years with an immense impact on the history of the Palestine people.

The Balfour Declaration; Empire, the Mandate and Resistance in Palestine by Bernard Regan. Verso, 2017.  The British Foreign Minister declared in favor of the establishment of Palestine as a national home for the Jewish people. What were the rivalries, Imperial and otherwise, that informed the larger geopolitical game?

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