New Books: History. Other Places. 1.

The Square and the Tower; Networks and Power, from Freemasons to Facebook by Niall Ferguson. Penguin Press, 2018. The rise of networks, banking empires, Wikipedia, and many more.

Charlemagne; Father of a Continent by Alessandro Barbero and Allan Cameron, trans. University of California Press, 2018 paper. Charlemagne—reigned from AD 768 to AD 814. At the time if his death, his empire stretched across Europe to include Bavaria, Saxony, parts of Spain, and Italy

Rome and the Making of a World State, 150 BC to 20 AD by Josiah Osgood. Cambridge University Press, 2018 paper. In these years, the Romans developed a coherent vision of empire; Rome became a cultural and intellectual center that eclipsed other Mediterranean cities.

The Fate of Rome; Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire by Kyle Harper. Princeton University Press, 2018 A fate decided by the Little Ice Age, plus volcanos and solar cycles, bacteria and viruses

The Darkening Age; The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixey. Harcourt, 2018. The Greco-Roman culture of the Eastern Mediterranean was crushed, its contributors slaughtered.

Never Remember; Searching for Stalin’s Gulags in Putin’s Russia by Masha Gessen & Misha Friedman. Columbia Global Reports, 2018.The now empty spaces were once three different gulags where from the 1930s to the 1950s millions of Soviet citizens were murdered.

Russia Reconsidered by Matthew Crosston. Brown Books, 2018. An examination of Russia’s policies and politics as determined by current political and media narratives.

The River of Consciousness by Oliver Sacks. Knopf, 2018. Essays, including one in which he looks carefully at our perceptions of time and duration. 

Mapping Shakespeare; An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Worlds through Maps by Jeremy Black. Conway Maritime, 2018.

The Family Medici; The Hidden History of the Medici Dynasty by Mary Hollingsworth. Pegauus, 2018. Moving beyond their banking origins, the Medici waged war on Italy’s burgeoning republicanism.

In Search of Israel; The History of an Idea by Michael Brenner. Princeton University Press, 2018. A complex topic – the history of modern Zionism from the late nineteenth-century to the World Wars.

Gaza; An Inquest into Its Maryrdom by Norm Finkelstein. University of California Press, 2018. He compares the Israeli treatment of Gaza to our removal of Native Americans, west to Oklahoma.

Growing Up with the Country; Family, Race, and Nation After the Civil War by Kendra Field. Yale University Press, 2018. The author’s ancestors, like so many other freedmen, moved West, first to Oklahoma and then further West.

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