New Books: American History.

Transatlantic Anti-fascisms; From the Spanish Civil War to the End of World War II by Michael Seidman. Cambridge University Press, 2018 paper. Anti-fascism was the most powerful ideology of the previous century. Seidman provides new interpretations of the Spanish Civil War, the French Popular Front, and the Second World War.

Five for Freedom; African American Soldiers in John Brown’s Army by Chicago Review Press, 2018. Late in an October evening in 1859 John Brown led a band of raiders to Harpers Ferry. Brown hoped to start a slave rebellion. There were five African-Americans who participated.

Slavery’s Metropolis; Unfree Labor in New Orleans during the Age of Revolutions by Rashauna Johnson, Cambridge University Press, 2018 paper. Daily experiences of slavery in this American melting pot of culture became part of its global connections.

The Vietnam War Reexamined by Michael Kort. Cambridge University Press, 2018 paper. This new look at the War has spread around the various media.

Atlas of the Lost World; Travels in Ice Age America by Craig Childs. Pantheon, 2018. The arrival of the First People to North America twenty thousand years ago.

The Lost Education of Horace Tate; Uncovering the Hidden Heroes Who Fought for Justice in Schools by Vanessa Walker. New Press, 2018. The fight to integrate Southern schools before Brown v. Board of Education.

Without Precedent; Chief Justice John Marshall and His Times by Joel Richard Paul, Riverhead, 2018. The longest serving Chief Justice who whose decisions helped shape the institution of slavery in the American South.

The Bone and Sinew of the Land; America’s Forgotten Black Pioneers and the Struggle for Equality by Anna-Lisa Cox. Public Affairs, 2018. The history of the thousands of black pioneers who escaped slavery and settled on the Western frontier.

An African American and Latinx History of the United States by Paul Ortiz. Beacon Press, 2018. The contribution of Latinx and African Americans to the liberation movements both within the US and across the Western Hemisphere. Ortiz is a member of the faculty, U.F.

When Montezuma Met Cortés; The True Story of the Meeting That Changed History by Matthew Restall, Ecco Press, 2018. This account of the meeting of the Spanish conquistador, Hernando Cortés, and the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, will disturb strongly-held views of that historical encounter.

The Lost Indictment of Robert E. Lee by John Reeves. Rowan & Littlefield, 2018. The legal case against the head of the Confederate army.

Turncoat; Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty by Stephen Brumwell. Yale University Press, 2018. Why did the once-ardent hero of the American Revolution subsequently become its dishonored traitor?

The Doomsday Machine; Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner by Daniel Ellsberg. Bloomsbury, 2018. So well planned. Why didn’t it happen? A false alarm, poof.

Son of Real Florida; Stories from My Life by Jeff Klinkenberg. University of Florida Press, 2018. The people and places that make his home-state unusual.

The Revolution That Failed; Reconstruction in Natchitoches [Louisiana] by Adam Fairclough. University of Florida Press, 2018.Post-Civil War Reconstruction did not achieve its goal, even during Reconstruction.

Making Oscar Wilde by Michèle Mendelssohn. Oxford University Press, 2018. Wilde’s self-mythologization and the rise of celebrity in post-Civil War America.

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