New Books: Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Heavens Might Crack; The Death and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr by Jason Sokol. Basic, 2018. The range of responses in this country and around the world to King’s assassination.

Killing King; Racial Terrorists, James Earl Ray, and the Plot to Assassinate Martin Luther King by Stuart & Larry Handcock. Counterpoint, 2018.The assassination was plotted by a network of racial terrorists who were subsequently linked to hundreds of other racist acts.

The Seminarian; Martin Luther King, Jr. Comes of Age by Patrick Parr. Chicago Review Press, 2018. A young, rookie preacher and chain smoking pool player when he left Atlanta to attend a theological seminary with its all-white staff and student body.

Promised Land; Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice by Michael Honey. W.W. Norton, 2018. King’s commitment to the poor and working class and his call for non-violent resistance against economic injustices.

Redemption; Martin Luther King Jr.’s Last Thirty-One Hours by Joseph Rosenbloom. Beacon, 2018.  His futile efforts to revive the non-violent civil-rights movement.


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