Fall 2018. Politics. Economics. 1

Keywords; The New Language of Capitalism by John P. Leary. Haymarket Press, paper. Essays on terms like “entrepreneur,” “sustainability, and “synergy.”

Watch Your Tongue; What Everyday Sayings, Phrases, and Idioms Figuratively Mean by Mark Abley. Simon & Schuster, paper. Why shouldn’t we have a cow by tail instead of a bull by the horns.

The Forgotten Americans; An Economic Agenda for a Divided Nation by Isabel Sawhill. Yale University Press. The barriers within American society – economic, cultural, and political. How they keep us apart, and how we might work at surmounting them.

On Press; The Liberal Values That Shaped the News by Matthew Pressman. Harvard University Press. Changes: television and the necessity meet the demands of new audiences; the need to incorporate minorities and women.

The Republican Reversal; Conservatives and the Environment from Nixon to Trump by James M. Turner & Andrew Isenberg. Harvard University Press. In the 1970s came the Environmental Protection Agency and an expansion of the Clean Air Act. Less than a half century later the conservatives are now denouncing climate change as a “hoax.”

Playing with Fire; The 1968 Election and the Transformation of American Politics by Lawrence O’Donnell. Penguin, paper. Nothing went according to script mostly because of assassinations and riots during the Democratic Convention in New York City.

In My Father’s House; A New View of How Crime Runs in the Family by Fox Butterfield. Knopf. Our crime and incarceration are surprisingly concentrated in families. Ten percent of families account for two-thirds of the crime.

Rectify; The Power of Restorative Justice After Wrongful Conviction by Lara Bazelon. Beacon. It is comforting to think that justice can happen, but often after years, even decades of incarceration.

The People’s Money; How China Is Building a Global Currency by Paola Subacchi. Columbia University Press. Subacchi traces the development of the renminbi and its potential for global reach, but also a source of friction between the two largest economies.

The Story of Silver; How the White Metal Shaped America and the World by William Silber. Princeton University Press. How silver has influenced two hundred years of world history, acting as a shelter against government default, political instability, and inflation.

A History of America in Ten Strikes by Erik Loomis. The New Press. Of those strikes, the best known are: the Lowell Mill Girls Strike in 1830, slaves on strike during the Confederacy, the Eight-Hour Day Strike in Chicago, and the Anthracite Strike 1894.


Germany’s Hidden Crisis; Social Decline in the Heart of Europe by Oliver Nachtwey. Verso. Paper. How neo-liberalism is causing a crisis in Germany and central Europe.

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