Fall 2018. Science. Nature.

Engines of Empire; Steamships and the Victorian Imagination. By Douglas Burgess, Jr. Sanford University Press. Paper. These vessels transported people over distance by land and by sea that lead tourism and a better knowledge of the world.

Saudi America; The Truth About Fracking and How It’s Changing the World by Bethany McLean. Columbia Global Reports. The technology of fracking particularly in the Permian Basin in Texas has transformed the US into the world’s top producer of both oil and natural gas, and disrupted the Saudi position in the oil economy.


Tree; A Life Story by David Suzuki, et al. Greystone. Paper. A single tree, from the moment its seed is released from a cone, until hundreds of years later, it lies on the forest floor giving life to new young trees and other forest plants.


Oak and Ash and Thorn; The Ancient Woods and New Forests of Britain by Peter Fiennes. Oneworld Publications. Paper. Our relationship with our woods and the sad and violent story of how much of the woods has been lost.


The Wake of the Whale; Hunter Societies in the Caribbean and North Atlantic by Russell Fielding. Harvard University Press. Despite environmental restraints, artisanal whaling remains a cultural practice tied to the rhythms of nature.


Spying on Whales; The Past, Present, and Future of Earth’s Most Awesome Creatures by Nick Pyenson. Penguin. Whales are slowly recovering from the deprecations of the whole industry in the nineteenth century.

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