New Titles. History. Other Lands. Spring 2019 2

Dictatorland; The Men Who Stole Africa by Paul Kenyon. Head of Zeus Press. Seven kleptocratic post-colonial African leaders.

First We Take Rome; How the Populist Right Conquered Italy by David Broder. Verso. Doesn’t this seem to be a repetition of Italy in the 1930s?.

Rome; A History in Seven Sackings by Matthew Kneale. Simon & Schuster, paper. Kneale tells the story of the Eternal City through pivotal moments in this deadly history.

The Assassination; Who Killed Indira Gandhi? By Tariq Ali. Seagull Press Press, paper.  The names of the assassins are known. Certainly Sikh grievances played their part.

A Fistful of Shells; West Africa from the Rise of the Slave Trade to the Age of Revolution by Toby Green. University of Chicago Press . By the decades of the “scramble for Africa” Africa had already been globally connected for centuries. Its gold had fueled the economies of Europe and the Islamic world.

England’s Other Country Men; Blackness in Tudor Society by Onyeka Nubia. Zed Books, paper. Nubia seeks to redress a racial imbalance by describing a black presence in Tudor England.

Henry VIII; And the Men Who Made Him by Tracy Borman. Atlantic Monthly Press. Moving from his notorious relationship with women to an analysis of the advisors and servants on whom Henry relied.

The Club; Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shared an Age by Leo Damrosch. Yale University Press. Damrosch takes on the entire intellectual milieu.

Normandy ’44 by James Holland. A careful look at D-Day: the battle of the beaches and Normandy.

Wild Bill; The True Story of the American Frontier’s First Gun Fighter by Tom Clavin, St. Martin’s Press. And what followed were the many “westerns” that brought excitement to young kids.


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