New Titles. Art. Architecdture. Spring 2019.

As the first people to officially convert to Christianity, Armenians commissioned and produced astonishing religious objects. This sumptuous volume depicts and contextualizes the compelling works of art that defined the rich and complicated culture of medieval Armenians.

The Man in the Glass House; Phillip Johnson, Architect of the Modern Century by Mark Lamster. Little, Brown. Johnson made his mark as one of the country’s leading architects with his Glass House in New Cannan Connecticut and his controversial AT &T Building in New York City.

Moroni; The Riches of Renaissance Portraiture by Aimee Ng, et al. Scala Arts Publishing. Accompanies an exhibition at The Frick Collection this coming spring. Moroni is considered one of the great portraitists of the sixteenth-century.

Chihuly by Suzanne Rus, et al. W Books. Creations from glass from by Chihuly. He has been working in that medium for over fifty years.

Dutch Self-Portraits of the Golden Age by Ariane van Suchtelen. National Book Network. Popular genre in the seventeenth century, particularly amongst Dutch painters. 

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