Fall 2018. History. Other Lands. 2.

Red Flags; Why Xi’s China Is in Jeopardy by George Magnus. Yale University Press. China has become a large and confident power both at home and abroad; but there are serious challenges to the economic well-being of its citizens, facing an aging population and a not always popular authoritarianism.


Scots and Catalans; Union and Disunion by John Elliott. Yale University Press. It has been assumed that the European Union would become a solution to Europe’s regionalism. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.


The Age of Walls; How Barriers between Nations Are Changing Our World by Tim Marshall. Scribners. Borders, walls, and boundaries that divide up countries and their citizens.

Tsushima 1905; Death of a Russian Fleet by Mark Lardas &Peter Dennis. Osprey Press. Paper. The naval campaign of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 -1905, focusing on this decisive battle’ defeat for the Russian navy, and a victory for Japanese Imperialists.


Iran Rising; The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic by Amin Saikal. Princeton University Press. The fortieth anniversary of the 1978-1979 uprising and the overthrow of the Shah.


The Land of a Thousand Gods; A History of Asia Minor in the Ancient World by Christian Marek. Princeton University Press, paper. Asia Minor from prehistory to the Roman Imperial Period; it’s shifting orientation between East and West.


Weimar Germany; Promise and Tragedy by Eric Weitz. Princeton University Press, paper. Germans rose from the turbulence and defeat of the Great War, the foraging of new democratic institutions, and make Berlin a world capital of the avant-garde.


The Book Smugglers; Partisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jewish Treasures from the Nazis by David Fishman. University Press of New England, paper. Partisans and scholars from Vilna who buried books, saving them first from the Nazis and then from the Soviets.


You’ve Got to Tell Them; A French Girl’s Experience of Auschwitz and After by Ida Grinspan, et al.  LSU Press. Winter of 1944, French police arrested Ida Grinspan, a young Jewish girl hiding in Nazi occupied Paris. .She spent the next year and a half in Auschwitz.

And survived.


The Dawn of Eurasia; On the Trail of the New World Order by Bruno Macaes. Yale University Press. Tracking economic integration of the two continents in the shifting borderlands between Europe and Asia.


A History of the Bible; The Story of the World’s Most Influential Book by John Barton. Viking Press. Barton argues that the Bible is not a prescription to a complete and fixed religious tradition but rather the product of an intriguing process that inspired two world religion.


The Global Age; Europe 1850 to 2017 by Ian Kershaw. Viking Press. A volume in series Penguin History of Europe.

Fall 2018. History. India.

The Balfour Declaration; Empire, the Mandate, and Resistance in Palestine by Bernard Regan. The imperial deal that transformed the Middle East and sealed the fate of Palestine. Sadly to no avail Palestinians are dying on the streets and in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem.


Empress; Queen Victoria and India by Miles Taylor. Yale University Press. Both Victoria and Albert were intrigued by India, by the role that India played in their reign, and by the British part in Indian development.


Ganges; The Many Pasts of an Indian River by Sudipta Sen. Yale University Press. A sweeping history of Earth’s third biggest river, held sacred across South Asia and the Hindu Diaspora.


A People’s History of India 14; Economic History of India, AD 1206 to 1526 by Irfan Habib. The period of the Delhi Sultanate and the Vijayanagara Empire. Columbia University Press, paper.


The British in India; A Social History of the Raj by David Gilmour. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. A portrait of the lives of the British in India, merchants and bureaucrats, from the seventeenth century to Independence.


The Greek Experience of India; From Alexander to the Indo-Greeks by Richard Stoneman. Princeton University Press. When the Greek and Macedonian armies reached India, they entered a new and strange world, one that needed new explanatory models.


Inglorious Empire; What the British Did to India by Shashi Tharoor. Scribe US. Paper.  Massacred unarmed protestors, institutionalized racism, starvation, etc.


The British in India; A Social History of the Raj by David Gilmour. Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux. The lives of the British in India, from the seventeenth century to independence.


Gandhi; The Years That Changed the World, 1914 to 1948 by Ramachandra Guha. Knopf. The last volume of Guha’s biography; the first was entitled Gandhi before India


Indian Migration and Empire; A Colonial Genealogy of the Modern State by Radhika Mongia. Duke University Press, paper. The regulation of Indians moving throughout the Empire from the abolition of slavery in 1834 to the Great War.


The Making of India; The Untold Story of British Enterprise by Kartar Lalvani. Bloomsbury, Paper. A look at the benefits – civil, institution, and political – of British colonial rule.

Fall 2018. Art.

The East End In Colour, 1960 to 1980 by David Granick. Hoxton Mini Press. East End London, was documented in Kodachrome in this period. The result is a fine sensitivity to urban space.

Sicilian Splendors; Discovering the Secret Places That Speak to the Heart by John Keahey. Thomas Dunne Books. From Palermo to Castiglione de Sicilia to Alimena, we follow Keahey and his camera through the Island.

Written in Stone; Public Monuments in Changing Societies by Sanford Levinson. Duke University Press, Paper. A twentieth anniversary edition, which considers the contemporary debate and conflict surrounding controversial monuments, in some cases their removal.

Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves; Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America by Kirk Savage. Princeton University Press, The institution of slavery, wars-won or lost, historical events. We tell stories with our monuments. And if we change the story we tell, we figurataively remove the monument.

Between Form and Content; Perspectives on Jacob Lawrence at Black Mountain College by Julie Levin Caro & Jeff Arnal. Duke University Press, paper. A recent exhibition of Lawrence’s art the Harn Museum, Gainesville.

Jewish Comedy; A Serious History by Jeremy Dauber. W.W. Norton, paper. How humor shapes the response to social change. And vice versa.

Schumann; The Faces and the Masks by Judith Chernaik. Knopf. Robert Schumann admired the musical traditions of the past but was also enraptured by the Romantic movement of his day.

Maestros and Their Music; The Art and Alchemy of Conducting by John Mauceri. Vintage, paper. What is all that arm waving about?

Saturday Night at the Movies’ The Extraordinary Partnerships behind Cinema’s Greatest Scores by Jennifer Nelson. Elliott & Thompson Books. Looks at twelve films to examine the partnership between the film media and its musical score.

Saving Mona Lisa; The Battle to Protect the Louvre and Its Treasures from the Nazis by Gerri Chanel. Icon Press. August 1939 this famous painting was evacuated to a safer place in the Loire Valley. Most of the Louvre’s collection followed.

Fall 2018. Science. Nature.

Engines of Empire; Steamships and the Victorian Imagination. By Douglas Burgess, Jr. Sanford University Press. Paper. These vessels transported people over distance by land and by sea that lead tourism and a better knowledge of the world.

Saudi America; The Truth About Fracking and How It’s Changing the World by Bethany McLean. Columbia Global Reports. The technology of fracking particularly in the Permian Basin in Texas has transformed the US into the world’s top producer of both oil and natural gas, and disrupted the Saudi position in the oil economy.


Tree; A Life Story by David Suzuki, et al. Greystone. Paper. A single tree, from the moment its seed is released from a cone, until hundreds of years later, it lies on the forest floor giving life to new young trees and other forest plants.


Oak and Ash and Thorn; The Ancient Woods and New Forests of Britain by Peter Fiennes. Oneworld Publications. Paper. Our relationship with our woods and the sad and violent story of how much of the woods has been lost.


The Wake of the Whale; Hunter Societies in the Caribbean and North Atlantic by Russell Fielding. Harvard University Press. Despite environmental restraints, artisanal whaling remains a cultural practice tied to the rhythms of nature.


Spying on Whales; The Past, Present, and Future of Earth’s Most Awesome Creatures by Nick Pyenson. Penguin. Whales are slowly recovering from the deprecations of the whole industry in the nineteenth century.

Fall 2018. Franchise.

The Embattled Vote in America; From the Founding to the Present by Allan Lichtman. Harvard University Press. The franchise was not a once-and-forever creation by a group of colonial geniuses, but rather it was the story of the vote being expanded and contracted depending upon the political circumstances of the time.

Forging the Franchise; The Political Origins of the Women’s Vote by Dawn L. Teele. Princeton University Press. What causes and what political constituencies benefited from the passage of the women’s vote.

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy by Carol Anderson and Dick Durbin. Bloomsbury Press. A long history of American constitutional history that lists the determined efforts to suppress minority voting.